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Nov 21, 2014 

English ver. has just released.


We have various kinds of cranes

as below, and also have a wide and 

strong relationship between partnering

companies all over  Japan.


 Rough Terrain Cranes

 All Terrain Cranes

 Crawler Cranes


 Please feel free to contact us. 



We are leading heavy lifting service provider 

in Japan, mainly engaged in construction, 

engineering and infrastructure wchich require

heavy machinery. 


We provide our clients with crane rental business, typically on wet hire ( with experienced operator ). 


Since our company was established in 1965, 

lifting operation techniques and expertise have been our strengths and highly evaluated

by many clients.





A major trading firms, general contractors, and other large companies come to inspect our technology of operating and maintaining cranes.


As this fact proves, our overwhelming expertise and techniques are being

more appreciated in various industries.



We will keep making effort to 

pursue more cutting-edge techniques.

Suenaga Wrecker Co., Ltd. 


3-1-63 Nanko-Higashi, Suminoe Ward,

Osaka City, Osaka, Japan


TEL     +81-6-6569-7000

FAX    +81-6-6569-7100


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